Version 1.7

A big thanks to our community for pointing out various issues with the 1.6 update. Below, you'll find our additions and fixes to the game that will create a more enjoyable experience. Please continue to let us know if there are any other issues or suggestions you have!

  • Added: "Exit" button to Main Menu.
  • Added: "Return" option to the Pause menu, allowing easy restarts.
  • Fixed: Missing characters in the Simplified Chinese font.
  • (Steam) Fixed: Languages not loading if the Player did not have Steam Overlay enabled.
  • (Steam) Believe Fixed: Issues with Steam Achievements not proc-ing. Issue related to Steam Overlay option.
  • Fixed: Upon Game Over, the game retained some odd stats, such as Rune progress and Player lives. This is resolved.
  • Fixed: Screenshake camera placement issue.
  • Updated: Screen resolution more stable.

We are additionally planning on allowing users access to a legacy version of the game for the purposes of speedrunning. We will share that info as soon as it's ready~!

Thanks a lot!

Happy Halloween Forever~!


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Jan 30, 2020

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Finally after so long it's been updated to the latest version and now matches Steam! Thank you! had been wanting this because it's DRM Free unlike the Steam version.

Glad you like it~!