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Being developed by @_enu in Japan, this strategy roleplaying platformer is in the vein of classic strategy games. Summon and manage an army of familiars to safeguard the world from those that would use magic for devious purposes. 

This demo was developed for Comiket 92, and translated by Poppy Works. This demo is not indicative of the quality of the final game, which is still in development. The scenario in this demo can be quite challenging, so don't forget to buy items and equipment at the shop before starting the battle!

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Please note that this game is still in development, and that all aspects will change before final release. Please take the time to fill out this survey about how you felt about your experience. Enjoy!

Published Sep 01, 2017
StatusIn development
AuthorsPoppy Works, enu
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksTwitter, Twitter, Homepage

Install instructions

Upon downloading the .zip, extract the archive to a chosen location. It will be safe to delete the .zip file when the extraction is complete. Run mst_c92demo.exe to start the demo!


Magic Scroll Tactics C92 demo.zip 81 MB

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I really quite liked what I'm seeing of this game so far in terms of moment-to-moment play, but there are quite a few glaring flaws that prevent me from fully immersing into it, such as the unfinished quality of the quality of the English translation:

I mean, I appreciate the effort to bring such an obscure game out there, and there wasn't a moment where anyone 'feel asleep', but I feel like I'm missing out on critical information when I can't read certain parts of the text, both big and small. Information that just might improve my understanding and enjoyment of the whole experience.

Also, I can't ignore the horrid, unalterable smoothing filter smeared over the otherwise remarkable pixel art. I understand that it may have been a deliberate choice to make it blend better with the handdrawn art of the foreground, but I'd rather have it be an option I can turn off.

From the launcher, I can tell that the game was (probably) made in Unity. Next time you're in touch with the developer, could you politely ask them to at the very least turn change the filter mode of sprites and textures from 'Billinear' to 'Point', as well as disabling Mip-Mapping? That should make the sprites look sharp. This can also be changed in code.

Thank you.


We agree on all points. Thank you for playing!


Lady pulled out a GUN and decimated my team.... 10/10 would play again..


Haha! Thanks for playing and taking a video! 


No Problem!


I liked the music, 2D art and sidescrolling gameplay.  But the first level was too difficult so I failed it twice.

If I could give one suggestion, this game could use keyboard controls for player movement and UI.  Arrow keys to move across grid etc. 


The demo scenario is quite difficult! Thanks for the great suggestion!


Big fan of the final fantasy tactics and tactics ogre games, excited to check this out.
I am admittedly slightly disappointed that it's 2D rather than 3D/isometric like the others I mentioned, however I look forward to being pleasantly surprised by how well you have made the concepts translate over.
Will provide feedback after, keep it up! :)


Thank you so much for your interest!


It was pretty good. I liked it


Thank you for playing! 


will there be a Steam release of your game *fingers crossed*..? if so I
hope it will have achievements and stuff, I would buy it in a heart


We cannot announce final platforms at this time! We'd love to do Steam as well! 

(Edited 1 time) (+3)

Jesus christ the pirate girl with the gun on the first stage is TOO OP lol. Would play again once its done. Loved the art style and the use of platform/positioning/skill mechanics. It'd be nice if you could add a undo button for moving, counting the tiles to determine if you can reach the opponent is a hassle.


Thank you for your input!


It needs much more verticality in levels for strategic mobility.  For example, tunnels, minimum of 2-3 levels of walking paths on every level with 1 path only choke points more rare.


Thanks for the feedback!