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Melon Journey 2 is a story-exploration game about revisiting a town full of adorable animals with eccentric personalities. Yet under its cute and nostalgic surface lies a dark tale of crime and corruption...

Play as Honeydew, an employee of a huge melon factory, and travel to Hog Town where melons are illegal. While searching for a missing friend, you'll have to explore the town and its surrounding areas, and speak with suspicious characters in dangerous situations to uncover the truth.


  • 5+ hours of gameplay
  • 5 optional side-plots, and lots of minor character arcs to experience
  • An extensive soundtrack with 50+ songs


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Is this still being worked on?

still waiting ...


Don't forget to release RTP files when you release this game! ^_^


Can't wait! I loved the first Melon Journey :)


beyond excited for this!! <3

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oo when is going to be out? i remember hearing it was going to be out around march !!! 

Deleted 226 days ago

me neither!

should I wait to play this or play the first one considering this is a remake?

You definitely don’t have to play the first one to understand mj2, but if you want to it’s very short, about 20-30 minutes or to play the whole thing !


i played melon journey in 2012 and it relaunched my love of indie games. i just played the 2019 version and im so excited for this to come out :-)

Thank you so much!!


so excited to see that your continuing melon journey ♡


Melon Journey seemed very Pokemon inspired, MJ2 a little more Earthbound? Can't wait!


Weird question maybe, but do you think there'd be any way i could play this on a gameboy 

If the game does VERY well, we might be able to do that ;) 




just a question, will mj2 be a free or paid game?

Paid~ :)


i'm so excited for this

We're glad~!

Deleted 232 days ago

same honestly


Oh, I remember Melon Journey! This looks neat too.



Played it at GDC and I absolutely loved it! Amazing work! 


Thank you so much!!!


consider me excited - looks lovely!


Heck yes babay thank you!


!!!! i loved the first one, i'm sooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i made this drawing like 1 year ago because i loved the game so much it's not that good but yea!!!!


Oh my Froach! That's amazing!!! We love it so much <3 Hope you like the sequel just as much!