Version 1.5 now available

  • - Stability improvements made to boss rooms.
  • - An "Exit" button has been added to the main menu for PC and Mac OSX users.
  • - Analog movement on Map Screen has been improved.
  • - The subpixel rendering error on some platforms has been fixed. Special thanks to YellowAfterLife and MobiDevelop on GitHub.
  • - Transitioning into game from boot is now smoother on PlayStation.
  • - 「Steam Achievements」の日本語テキストが更新されました。

    These and other improvements will be available on PS4 and PS Vita in the near future.

    Poppy Works

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Jul 20, 2018

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I also can't get it to work on my Mac, when opening on it I get this:

I also got a warning about this game being 32 bit and not 64 bit but I clicked through that without reading closely, assuming I could set it to run at 32 bit  if that was problem. Alas that's not a thing you can do since the latest update. 

So I hope that's not the problem.

Deleted 5 years ago

Can you describe your issue in greater detail? Thank you!