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Having a lot of trouble getting it to work. It only launches Quake, not the pak file. Also, where is the standalone version mentioned in the description?


The zip file in the downloads is the standalone package that you can play with vkQuake, Quakespasm, or Ironwail.

If you use vkQuake or Ironwail, after you drop the enyo folder into the Quake data folder, the enyo will appear as an option in the mod menu. In Quakespasm, launch the game with quakespasm -game enyo.

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Please make at least one horde map for this beauty of a mod, or at least repurpose the deathmatch arena for it! Infinite replayability!





Booted it up and played some of the first level, pumped to try the rest. One problem I'm having is that the sound effects volume is low, is that a known issue? Normal Quake sounds just fine so I don't think it's on my audio output's end. I can always just tune things myself but I figured I'd throw this out there in case there's a way to solve that. 

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Looks awesome.

For some reason, it crashes to desktop when I go into the first portal to begin the scenario.

Perhaps I need to update Quake Spasm, as I haven't played Quake in a while.  But thought I'd report the issue.

Game runs fine in the menu, and the little intro space.  Not sure why it crashes after that.  I've tried 4 or 5 times.  Same thing each time I go in the starting portal.

Ironwail is recommended! We didn't do full tests in Spasm

Thanks!  I shall try that.  Much appreciated.  :D


This might be the coolest crossover mod for an upcoming game I have ever seen, this is awesome! 

Full Episode NO Commentary


Excellent mod, really feels like it's own game despite being a Quake mod. I do wanna mention though that despite what commands and settings, such as no friendly fire, I use I find I am able to hit my buddies in co-op which makes it a bit of an awkward experience. This was tried in Ironwail and vkquake. Again thank you for making this mod.


Whoa! I didn't even know you could play co-op!!


Amazing game, i love it :-). If this is some sort of testing the waters for a full game based on the Quake engine, consider the waters thoroughly tested :-P.

Thank you so much for playing!!


traducan el juego porfavor y activen el modo multijugador 


pides mucho bro


El juego es gratis y ya hasta te piden que pagues servers XD


no jugar con rugal

Oilo de paso tambien quieres que te la cromen a mano cambiada? 


I recently played through Dimension of the Machine which sets a very high bar for Quake add-ons. As a result I'll admit that at first I thought Episode Enyo needed a little more time in the oven; it's possible to soft lock in several locations, and some of the enemies and introductory levels felt a little unbalanced.

HOWEVER, by the time I finished, all doubts had been unequivocally blown away. This is a really interesting and cohesive vision; player character, enemies, weapons and environments are expertly crafted and have made me curious to see more of the world of Slave Zero X. Especial kudos to whoever made the soundtrack; that thing slaps harder than Enyo herself.

Thank you for releasing this very generous total conversion, and for even sharing the soundtrack for free. Looking forward to the release of SZX, and am very curious to see how the player will be interacting with Enyo.


A video of my playthrough I did today. Enjoy!



Real nice. Also, i found an untextured floor in level 3, in a spot with secret Quad Dmg pickup. Not sure if it this glitch is exclusive to just me.



No you're right i found this on my first playt. too


This is incredible. Thank you for making it

Thank you so much for playing!

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If this is a proof of concept for a larger Slave Zero X FPS then I think y’all are very much proving that you have a great creative vision and understanding of how make it come to life with the Quake engine. Great work!


We're always making new stuff~! Glad you enjoyed this one!! 🥰


What a great way to get people excited for Slave Zero X, really enjoyed this!


Thanks for checking it out~!!


Very much enjoyed this, thanks for making it :)


Thank you for playing~!

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This is amazingly high quality. The weapons are particularly well-judged. And such an excellent variety of enemies!

I'm having a lot of trouble controlling the flight powerup though - any tips?

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You can go up the first time you continue to jump if you lose momentum you go down and you have to touch the ground to use it again


Had the same! But just spam the jump button instead of trying to get a flight rhythm down.


Learning to fly can be hard 🔫🕊


10/10 Great Mod and Wonderful Soundtrack!

Thank you 🐱‍👤0️⃣