CJK Update 11

Hello everyone!

Thanks to your ongoing support, Silver has a new update for CJK. This will address a number of missing glyphs across your projects supporting CJK. And remember, your support means that the font can continue to be updated for everyone.  -Wolf

We're happy to announce another game partnership with Devolver Digital for Gunbrella~!


CJK Unified Ideographs:

盯 噱 尼 嘹 蟑 坨 伪 糙 甩 棵 皂 葚 耍 啤 螃 伪 籽 榨 啃 蜓 韦, 瞌, 谣, 缘, 掩, 纭, 恼, 故, 掳, 歧, 嗝, 忱, 喉咙, 嚣, 擞, 鉴, 驯, 娴, 详, 颂, 篡, 焊, 铿锵, 凑, 诸, 孽, 娅, 疤, 呛, 琐, 嚷, 飓, 巢, 蕴, 垄, 恕, 秽, 糗, 饶, 账, 绞, 讽, 厕, 鸣, 刹, 辶, 俞, 佥, 呕, 饪, 忏, 宽, 赐, 啰, 诸, 濒, 崽, 悯, 挣, 秽, 惬, 羡, 坝, 凯, 烷, 歧, 驭, 鸠, 迁, 贾, 撂, 辙, 劝 瞌, 抨, 撂, 鑣, 嗝, 嚨, 擻, 揹, 孽, 婭, 疤, 崽, 愜, 壩, 歧, 烷, 菸, 糗, 穢, 脫, 嚷, 辶, 俞, 韱, 剎 吨 颂 逊 宽 掌 握 砕



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Feb 17, 2023

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