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Thank you for your interest in Silver, the premiere multi-language pixel font for games and game-likers. Silver has TRC and Lotcheck compliant gamepad buttons built right into the font, alongside a full keyboard and mouse prompts! No more overlaying images onto your text fields!

This is an on-going project and will be continuously updated with new Unicode Glyphs. The goal is to be the defacto font for pixel games and applications. Please consider a donation when using Silver in a final project.

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What games are using Silver right now?

What Languages and Glyphs are supported?

We've made a helpful sticky to list all of the Unicode blocks, along with some notes for each. You can find it here.

My CJK Character is missing or broken! Help!

Please report all issues with CJK Block Characters in this thread, including additions, updates, and spacing fixes. This is an ongoing part of the project. There are a great many CJK characters, so please be patient!

I need glyphs added immediately!

Please secure a direct License (info below) to receive priority support.


Author: Poppy WorksWolfgang Wozniak

Major Contributors: Itou Hiro (PixelMPlus), leedheo (DOSGothic), ぶち

Free* License

Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) This license allows adaptations of this work to be shared in any way, and this work to be used commercially, as long as it's attributed to Poppy Works. This font is free* for personal and commercial use. Please email us if you are using the font in your game! We'd love to feature your game here~!

* However, if the budget of your production exceeds $100,000 USD in total spend or earnings, or if you require urgent support, please contact hello@poppy.works to license this font.


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