CJK Update 14 • Gestalt: Steam & Cinder

Hello everyone! 

In this update, we address some missing diacritics, add some currency symbols, and a few other things. Your reports in the forums are helpful, so please keep masking suggestions!

A special thanks to Gestalt: Steam & Cinder for supporting the CJK update below! 


CJK Unified Ideographs:

啬 泻 碴 缈 缥 醞 哧 擭 暱 涟 淖 漪 绌 虏 蹭 躏 倘 兑 哕 唠 唬 喳 嘀 妞 姗 媞 巔 摑 攏 榆 樁 溉 灿 炽 犄 纤 纨 绔 绰 缎 缔 腼 舱 苯 蝇 衔 覷 讪 讳 诀 诶 诽 谗 谴 贬 赘 酚 酝 酯 醚 铛 镀 镳 阀 阐 韁 馈 驳 驴 − 抿 獠 筛 螨 蟎 鈦 鐲 钛


Added missing diacritics.

Latin Extended Additional

Added missing diacritics.

Added some missing glyphs.

Latin-1 Supplement

ñ Ñ (fixed)

Currency Symbols

  • Euro: €
  • Franc: ₣
  • Peso: ₱
  • Ruble: ₽
  • Won: ₩
  • Lira: ₺
  • Peseta:


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