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Silver, a font for games

A free pixel font for Latin, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Cherokee, Runic, Cyrillic, and other character sets. · By Poppy Works


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CJK Update #6
Hello everyone~! We have another set of CJK characters. Please enjoy and thank you for reporting! New: CJK Unified Ideographs : 矿 蓟 扳 抠 权 节 点 报...
Greek and Coptic update
This time we've added 87 new Greek/Coptic characters, 3 new Hiragana, and have started work on the Ethiopic block, adding 6 characters. New: Greek and Coptic...
IPA Extensions
We've added the entire IPA Extensions block. Information on the block can be found here . New: IPA Extensions ɐɑɒɓɔɕɖɗɘəɚɛɜɝɞɟɠɡɢɣɤɥɦɧɨ...
​Bopomofo​ & CJK Update #5
It's once again time for some more CJK glyphs! New: Bopomofo ㄅㄆㄇㄈㄉㄊㄋㄌㄍㄎㄏㄐㄑㄒㄓㄔㄕㄖㄗㄘㄙㄚㄛㄜㄝㄞㄟㄠㄡㄢㄣㄤㄥ...
CJK Update #4
This week, we've updated the following Unicode blocks to add or update these 106 CJK characters~! New or updated: CJK Unified Ideographs : 噗为乐乔们份传...
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WORLD OF HORROR - using Silver
We're pleased to say that WORLD OF HORROR will be using Silver for its main typeface~! The demo is available right now here on The game will release i...
37 More CJK Characters
We've added a few more missing characters to the CJK Unified Ideographs block. New: CJK Unified Ideographs : 查嗯啦跑她吧拼寻疙瘩检顶谜懒阳栏补...
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